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„We traveled way down to Durban, South Africa to stage a „holy“ Indian street festival that ended in pure fun and colourful chaos. It convinced me to use Nikon cameras from then on, but also that we should have a „holy“ festival here too.“

The Holy Festival

Iconic shirt

Bank Austria

„One of the first big groups we staged, full of excitement and fun.“

Komische Oper Berlin

„A first group staging of a run with the dancers of the Komische Oper, not yet in perfection, but with the realty for to fight, to be seen.“

Ballet Ensemble of Komische Oper Berlin

Bank Austria

„The conception of the campaign, was like having a very close look, from afar. That suited me well, as it evoked the little boy in me.“

Boy views Petersburger hanging at the Palais Esterházy in Vienna.


„Shooting this campaign was technically challenging, as it meant to play with all the complexity in a small box,but the most fun was, capturing these tiny clips.“

Adele is opening the box.

Commercials Selected