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Photographing people who are close to you


You love someone, and you get loved in return, you create a small community, that gives you security.

Beatrice’s second daughter is now 4 months and her first is five years old and started school in October.

She takes care of her children while her husband goes to work. Three days a week he sells vegetables in the streets until noon and then he works on a construction site until late into the night.

You can reduce a relationship to the question, of who makes the money, but it’s not that simple. It’s always about something different, what attitude you have, how do you think about something? 

Or in other words, how does your attitude influence your thinking, and how your thinking is influencing your vision. 

We see what we share differently, compare to that, what we’re keeping to ourselves. 

For me, seeing is closeness and closeness can only exist with an attitude that is willing to share, it is not based on the roles we have taken over.

We don’t make pictures „of“ people, but „about“ people. 

Because seeing is closeness and being close is seeing. 

That is what every picture is about.

/Jennifer and Beatrice are sisters. They live nearby each other, only two blocks away from the big baseball stadium Latino Americano in Havana Cerro./