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For me photography is like a journey. In the moment I take the camera in my hand, I start a journey to the unknown. I know, we don’t see things as they are. We see things as ‚we‘ are.

I like walking in the street, without a direction, not knowing where I am going. After a while all movements of the people become choreographic. It is not merely a record of an event, place or issue. It feels more like first row in the world theater. You look into an illuminated rectangle, in which the figures move between on and off, who surrender and cover, who give you a riddle and thus a desire for dissolution and revelation. Therefor, with every photo I take, there is a secret and I become the secret keeper, there companion in crime. The gentle twilight carries a secret in itself.

The camera is seen as an instrument to show things, but it covers as much. In the fragment, in the simplification, in the silhouette, there is a multitude of open emotions and questions. The whole picture is created only in your head.