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April 13. – 20. in Havana

The Photography Workshops & Masterclass with Jörg Alexander combine a very exciting visual tour with on-site work in a mindful photographic approach to connect your photography and mind by expanding and deepening your vision. 

we are innocent when we sleep

The campaign for the 2018/19 season follows an idea by conceptual artist Christian Jankowski. Under the title „We are innocent when we sleep“, Jankowski had actresses and actors from the ensemble staging each other in their sleep, based on pictures of „sleeping pranks“ (pranks with fallen asleep) as they circulate on the Internet.
As is usual with such pranks, sleepers do not know for sure in which way, by whom and by how many they were altered. Photographed by Joerg Reichardt the „sleeping pranks“ show the ensemble in an unusual and sometimes irritating way, changing between opposites such as excess/calculus, trust/being at the mercy, inside/outside, schadenfreude/pity, human/object.

1.Lars Eidinges, Christian Jankowski | 2.Kay Schulze, Damir Avdic, Lukas Turtur  | 3. Laurenz Laufenberg, Maria Hartmann | 4. Florian Anderer | 5. Lars Eidinger, Iris Becher, Usine Lardi

schaubühne 2018/19 season issue